swaping ignition

You would not believe how easy this actually is. First off if you have an alarm system you will have to rewire the alarm in to your new wiring harness that comes with your new ignition. Thats what i had to do. takes alot longer. Anyways if you don’t have to do that it should take about an hour or so. First take off the plastics that cover your ignition on the steering column. Also take off the plastic under column where your knees are. You will have to take it out inorder to run the new wiring harness in. Okay. following the ignition to a bracket the hold the key part in place around the steering column. Its a shiny metal. You’ll see that its no ordinary blots holding that on. Instead you’ll find two rounded bolts. Should be on the left of the column. What you need to do is get a screw driver or a flat tap and a hammer. yes i said hammer 80). place your screw driver or tap up against one of the bolts. make sure you place it on straight and all you want to do is make an indent for the screw driver to sit in. hit the driver with your hammer and now you have an indent. Once you make a good size mark tilt the driver and tap the bolt at an angle so you are pushing the bolt away and making it turn. You will have to repeat these steps many times. Once you get it to turn 1 or 2 times you can turn it with your hand. reapeat for the other bolt and undo the wiring harness. Now when you replace the ignition with the new one i would recommend buying some regular bolts for the ignition and just putting those on rather than having to tap the rounded bolts going the other way… its just easier. for security reasons you might not want to, but if someone is going to take the car… they arn’t going to be carrying a spare ignition and doing this procedure just to drive yours away.

Hope this helps you out.

ARCHIVETHIS, you never know when this might come in handy. Thanks Manson!

Where did you get the new ignition, and how much did it cost?

you realy dont have to go threw that process unless the the housing is cracked theres a little hole under the ignition switch and if you turn the switch to acc and stick a little nail in the hole it pushes a button and you can pull the ignition switch out of the housing do the same for inside the car and just push in the new one and your done:)


Well my whole key assembly was not there so this was the only option i had to change my ignition out. I actually picked up a used steering column for $70.00 it came with everything the ignition switches wiring harness and i nice 90-91 steering wheel plus the plastics. I paid a little less than what some people would since my pops owns a station, but im sure if you look you can find good prices.