Swapping gsr hydro internals into ys1 ls case

can i do this? also, can i swap syncros in between the two gearsets? the gsr has a grind between 1st and 2nd.

yes it will work as long it’s a ys1.Swaping syncros I dunno


should work… how much is the 1st-2nd syncho anyways? i doubt its very expensive considering they are made of brass n stuff.

don’t buy syncrhos, you need the entire gearset to do the job properly…

what do you mean, colin?

You don’t want to just replace the “synchro” you want to replace the entire gearset.

For example, the third gearset includes 7 different parts:

4 in this photo

In fact Honda doesn’t even sell the synchros separately, you have to buy the entire gearset.

Oh, and I’ll try to give you a call this evening after work, I should be available this evening so we can meetup and get you those parts…

i see… so no go on the hydro internals since i would have to get a new gearset anyway. damn.

i’ll be waiting for your call!

The synchros might be the same, and would work as a quick fix. But the correct way to solve the problem is to change the whole gearset.

Unfortunately I don’t know the nitty gritty of all this trans stuff, just the basics. I let my tranny guy do all the little stuff.

Don’t be afraid to tear the two transmissions apart and see if certain parts are different - its fun!

i’m never scurrD! i would totally do it if i had both trannies in front of me. i just don’t want to end up wasting money on a futile errand. i would need to get a hold of an extra ys1. the guy selling me the hydro gsr tranny is letting it go for 200. grinds at high rpm’s he says

I’ve got a friend selling an LS YS1 if that helps at all… although I’m pretty sure you’re looking for a GSR YS1.

well, an ls ys1 to disembowel in order to throw the hydro gears on.