sway bars

what are some good sway bars you guys are running if your running a upgraded on let me know on this i found a couple just wanna see what your guys thoughts are

Suspension Techniques

Those are pretty much your only options, and I listed them in order of price and aggressiveness. They’re all perfectly good parts, which one is right for you just depends on your setup, preferences, where/how you drive the car, and budget. But generally I’d say: For a street car, Suspension Techniques. For a show car, ASR. For a car that sees autox or track days and is on a budget, Progress. For a full blown track car, ASR.

I have had the ST setup and it was great. I now have the Progress setup and the only thing I don’t like is how it’s mounted. It’s a bit bulky and awkward for my taste, but functionally it’s great. Eventually I’ll upgrade to the ASR since I can get some good subframe reinforcement and different bar size options, plus I’m hoping I’ll like how it’s mounted more than my Progress. But it’s pretty low on my priority list. Currently my car is a weekend track day car, the only street driving it sees is the 3hr freeway drive to the track.

im looking around aswell. the three colins listed are prob the only bars worth putting any money down on. I have a progress on my wifes Fit, it was a really nice upgrade. Colins advice is pretty good you have to kinda decide what you plan on doing with your car. good luck with your decision, and make sure you repost after getting one and give a lil review on how it turned out.

I’ve got the ASR 23mm with the subframe brace, and I’m very happy with it. Made a nice difference and it’s much flatter in turns and nearly rotates the rear end around. It pairs nicely with my Ground Control/Koni Coilover setup I have. I did have the ST set up at one point but I did not like the mounting it used, and was not compatible with the ASR subframe brace. i have heard of other guys getting a ST that does work with the brace, however I think it those are for 94+ integras. Although I don’t drive it too hard or track it yet, I figured I might as well get the brace and bar all at once. Of course it was a pricier setup, and at the time I had some extra dough.

I have Suspension Technique sway bars. I guess their product is ok. I mean, it’s better than stock and made a difference in the handling. I have not tried any other sway bars, so I don’t know if there are better ones. I would recommend going with someone other than ST if you like good customer service (story below). Oh, and their kit doesn’t come with new rear end links. Trust me…your 20 year old bushings on the end of the end link at the lower control arm will be toast.

I HIGHLY suggest NOT dealing with ST directly (KW Automotive). Their customer service is fucking retarded! I ordered a new front and rear hardware kit for my bars on my 93 Integra. I get the kit and open the box and to my surprise the kits say for 94-99 Integra. I call them to double check (before I open the parts bags and later go through the trouble of putting my car on jack stands in the garage to put the new kit on and find out it’s wrong) they sent me the right parts. I get put on hold forever and he finally comes back and says they are right. Guess what dumb ass…it’s not! I call them the next day and tell them what’s up. The front worked, but the rear is not going to work. The guy comes up with different part numbers from the original order and says he will call back in an hour or so when he figures out what went wrong. No call back. I call a couple days later and this guy says I’ll be getting a tracking number that evening when it ships out and that it would be going out that night. I get no email with a tracking number. A week goes by and didn’t receive anything, so I email them asking what is going on. Get an email back saying their server crashed for a week and a half and he put an order in for the correct rear kit and will get a tracking number when it goes out. Another week later I finally get the rear hardware kit only to find it’s 4 end link bushings, two “D” bracket bushings, and grease. They charged me $78.99 for the 94-99 rear kit that had all sorts of nuts, bolts, washers, bushings, brackets. I’m blown up, because 6 bushings isn’t worth $78.99. I email again and say I want a refund for the difference of the two kits at least. He says he would refund the entire rear kit that day. Waited a couple days for it to post on my credit card. I email him over the weekend asking why I have not seen a refund yet. No response. I call my credit card company after a week I was told I would get a refund. They get someone on the phone and he says the lady in the office that handles refunds is out of the office. Hmmm…she has been out of the office for a week? HOW MANY EXCUSES IS THAT NOW!!! So, they now have 15 days to post the refund or my credit card company is gonna stick it to 'em.

had ST before they were fine. switch to ASR with subframe brace and love it.

I got the ST kit from Colin. It is a great setup for a street car, feels much more solid all around, esp in corners. I can already see myself wanting a bigger rear bar, but it is a great and affordable upgrade to the funky stock ones. Tapped my stock one on the ground and it was like a tuning fork… not the ST’s.