Switching Odometers

I have a bad cluster in my 92 LS and i purchased another one to replace it. I searched and read about switching the odometer but I am having problems trying to figure it out. I took off the plastic and can remove the two screws on the gauge face but cannot get the needle off. Do I take the odometer out from the back or the front? Any help would be great as I need to put the replacement cluster in so i can pass smog here in CA.

Remove from back. Never remove the needle.

Do I have to remove the entire back panel? I am assuming so but want to be sure before I fjack it up! LOL!!

Back panel? You just flip the entire guage cluster over and remove 2-3 screws.

I saw the three screws right by the plug for the speedo cable. I removed them but it just is loose and wont come out. I must be a moron? LOL!

Thanks for your help.

Basically remove clear plastic front cover, remove black bezel/front panel. Should expose all the gauages now. Flip over, remove the screws, and pull gauge out from front. It should come out. There could be more than 3 screws, I don’t remember.

I figured it out, I was trying too hard. Thanks for the tips.

nevermind, started new thread