i saw a civic with a T-top and was wondering how hard it would be to make a teg with t-top. now i dont like civics but it looked cool with the tops off.

It would be hard, and hurt the rigidity of the chassis.

A civic del sol?


no just a 2 door coupe

That would be sweet as hell, you would have to first find a shop that would be willing to do it. But if you go through with it, let us know, I’m interested to see how it would turn out.

ill post pics when i get home

ive thought about trying to make it have a removable top like a del sol but if you think about it it wouldnt look right on a 2nd gen. the roof is just way too long to look good. now if it was done on a g3 that would be sweet as hell.

there is a prelude here that did that, funny thing is when i’m behind it i can see how the body tweaked due to them cutting it…stupid morons buy a feiro