Tach...Fuel gauge problems

I searched the old posts for answers…but i couldnt find them…if they’re there, then i’m an idiot.

I put in my indiglo gauges (they look pretty sweet)…and now my tachometer is off by about 1000 rpm and my gas gauge needle broke off. I glued the needle back on, but of course it dont work. Is there any way to recalibrate my tach, and can i get the gas gauge fixed w/o replacing my whole gauge cluster?

this is my first time posting on this site…i feel so…violated???


Crap. I wish your first post would’ve been on a happier note. “Welcome To The Club” anyway???

I don’t know if there’s a way to recalibrate the tach (anyone know?), but if you’re REALLY, REALLY lucky, you can find someone selling just the seperate gauges and just replace the gas gauge. I don’t see too many like that, since most people sell their entire clusters… don’t EVEN think about heading to Acura for it, unless you’ve got cash, 'cuz they charge an arm and a leg for anything that goes in the cluster.