Tail lights/Instrument Panel/Fog Lights Out...

The other night I was leaving work when I noticed that my Instrument panel lights were out. I hopped out of the car, and also noticed that my fog lights and tail lights were also off. I thought “FUSE!”. I went to the nearest gas station and borrowed a flashlight and pliers. I pulled one fuse out at a time, and I found 2 15s that were right next to each other that were out, replacing them with 2 other 15s to test them out. One blew immediately after turning the lights back on. I went home, and replaced all the fuses with new ones, to my horror, that one keeps blowing. I work at AutoZone, so I had some buddies look at it at work, and so far they have narrowed it down that it’s not in the tail lights. They are saying that they need a schematic to figure out the dash, and I also need the cover to the fuse box under the dash. Anyone have any advice, or could take a pic of the box under the dash, so I know the appropriate placing of the fuses, and the #, so I can see where each one specifically controls, please help me. I have a 2 year old, and can’t be stuck with no tail lights. Thanks alot, Amanda… :salute: :rant:

not sure if this will help at all but a similar thing happened in my old car. sounds to me like a crossed wire. (positive wire touching metal somewhere) do u have a after market radio by chance if u do the problem could be in there. does ur radio turn on still? if it doesnt turn on try unhooking the radio and replace the fuse and try turning on the lights with no radio. making sure there are no open wires touching metal or each other.

Yes I do have an aftermarket radio that was installed over a month ago. The radio does still work. Should I look behind and make sure that there are no open wires?

i would take the radio and check for open wires… if the radio was not hooked up with the correct harness that could do it. (like if u just spliced all teh wires together) also what fuse it blowing, what is it labeled???

Here is what I can tell you… Your lighting system is controlled by a number of fuses… main fuse,[#33 50A hot at all times] in under hood fuse box, [if it’s blown no lights will work, including head lights] it supplies power to the “Combination Head Light Switch”.

From the switch there are a number of fuses, the instrument panel lighting system, [dash lights] fuse, [#11 15A hot W/ park lights and high and low beams] it is for all the dash lights, controlled by the “Dashlights Brightness Controller” and the glove box light, clock and oem radio, [not controlled by DBC] found in under dash fuse box.

The head/fog lights, [high/low beam] have 5 fuses, high beam, [#9&10 10A hot W/ high beams on] low beam, [#3&4 10A hot W/ low beams on] and fogs, [#19 15A hot W/ low beams on] all are in the under dash fuse box.

The park lights, front, rear and “Trailer Lighting Connector” have one fuse, [#11 15A hot W/ park lights, high and low beams on] found in under dash fuse box.

The hazard, signal and back up lights are on another circuit and and have 2 fuses, hazards, [#34 10A hot at all times ] in under hood fuse box. The signal and back-up light fuse, [# 1 (91-93) # 23 (90) 10A hot in run or start] is in the under dash fuse box.

The fuse size and location numbers are out of my Haynes manual, and are for US version, Canadian is just slightly diff.

Now as MCIntegra90 said, pull the HU and check the wiring, pay close attention to the red/black in the oem radio harness, [you may not be using it] it is the oem radio illumination wire, if it’s not being used, make sure it’s “capped off” properly, it is a live wire when park lights and high and low beams are on and uses fuse, [#11 15A] same one as the dash lights, in the under dash fuse box. :uhoh:94

PS let us know what you find.

i had the EXACT same problem. i took apart my Cdplayer and noticed some wires were wedged up against the aluminum casing of the dash, and sure enough it cut through one of my wires and was rubbing. i tapped it up, and put it back together and i havnt had the problem, for two months now.

Woo Hoo! You guys were so right! Thanks so much! It was the radio! xoxoxoxoxo Amanda aka Cupcke :rockon: :cloud9: