tail lights!!!

does any one have pictures of the G2 integra with supra tail light?
got a set of 95 supra tail lights and i’m planning on putting em on.
thanks for any help!


supra lights are played out… do something else…

welcome to 6 years ago…

supras on a g2 look like poo.

fuuuuugggg it doode. get some hyundais taillights… psssh just do a whole hyundai conversion!

or you can do like another g2 member did and put g3 lights on. looks pretty clean and okay. and not to mention he did it all by hand, by himself.

you guys are crazy. i love g2 tails. they’re so simple and it looks soooo good at about dusk when you just have your parkin lights on. mm mm mm. clear em and you’ll be a happy man. fug the supra lights that no matter what anyone says they still look awkward and outta place on g2s.

but do what you want.

There’s that beautiful Macon girl again!:-* :rofl:

in my opinion the 2000 prelude tails look nice on our cars(my opinion).

supra tail light conversion


imo i would just keep the oem look…keep ur stock taillights…if u got the 90-91 tails, just clear out the pink lines…trust me u won’t be dissappointed!!!

Wow…4 years old people. :read:

Wow that dude with the Blue Da actually can mount a set of Supra taillights so they dont look like ass, I though I had lost hope.


just made some oem lights with led’s ill post pics soon