Tail Lights?

So im thinking about Ebay-ing some euro lights for my 91 LS. THe problem is, on the description it says 2D, my car is a 4D. It doesnt look like it wouldnt fit though, im pretty sure i could use them, anyone think differently?:shrug:

2 Door tail lights will not fit on a 4 Door. Sorry. I guess it’s a good thing cause euro lights look dumb. :up:

Waats, how did you get the rear tail lights to be clear on the top? Would I be able to do that?

Those tail lights are ugly too, but they came with the car so you know. I’m waiting till summer to put in my new stock tail lights which I cleared myself. Doesn’t matter what year you have you can clear your own tail lights and a lot of people here will vouch that they look a whole lot better than Euro’s or the one’s I have.

Search for Clearing tail lights. I made a post about a month ago needing help with it.

Since you have a 91 you’ll have to sand off the little pink lines in your tails, trust me, it looks great.