Tailights remain on!

Can anyone help me. I turned off the engine and the cars tailights remained on. I went back in the car to check if I had left the driving light turned on but they were off. Also the backlight heater goes off and on at random. I had to go into the trunk and pull the electric clip from the tailights so it wouldnt kill my battery. Can anyone give me some suggestions?


This happened to me a while back. Look at the floor of your driver’s seat to see if you can find any blue plastic debris. On the top of your brake pedal, this plastic piece is used to push in a switch and turns off your brake lights when the pedal is pushed. Mine broke and thus the lights stayed on. To fix, I just got a big screw and fit it into the hole where the blue piece was, and just siliconed it in. It’s been working fine for around 3 years now.


Hi Neil, Thank you so much! You were right! There was blue debris, I thought it was something I brought into the car from outside. Man this forum saved me some money from having to take it to the Acura dealership! Thanks much!