taillights modification

wassup. I got this idea about retrofitting led’s on my 90 ls. I wanna know if anyone has done this, or if they know somewhat what i would need in order to be able to do this. I’m trying to go for the caddy sts look, but led’s horizontal. I wanna get this done to my brake and signals. Manufacturers hate on ours, cuz they make led tails for civics and maximas, but not for our g2s. so y not do the job on our own. If ya have any websites that could help me, ill appreciate it 2.

Check out this

hey man, thanks alot. Im about to order those bulbs, hopefully they will somewhat light up like a bimmer or something.

anyone w/ a db1 think about swapping out there taillights w/ the g3 integra sedans??

I’ve considered the 05 rsx tails. I just have to take measurments to see what kind of process I would be in for…

y not do the tsx?

The rsx tails are more similar. The tsx tails angle up in the center like this

/ \ , while the rsx tails angle down like so, \ /, more like a DB1…

Plus I like the RSX tails better…

Why swap a G3 4dr with a DB1?

The G3 tail lights are 4 pieces while the DB1 is 2 pieces. I rather use the G3 2 door tail lights then.

The best tails I’ve seen that come close to our DB1’s would be from a 98+ Prelude. But even those need modification. I already tried.

ok i got it sleeper

2gen r u sure that they are 4 pieces i thought for sure that they are one piece taillights.

no, the g3 sedan has 2 piece per side, while the coupe is 1 per side. the sedan’s trunk lifts up with part of the lights.

And that is why I rather use the 2dr G3s, or like I said the Preludes, but I’m not gonna do that unless it ever came down to it.(like an accident or something)

But ummm, I’m just waiting to find a nice clean 90-91 DB1 trunk lid, so that I can put on my Supercleaned 90-91 db1 tail lights.