Taking off Stock spoiler

I’m taking off my stock spoiler and emblems on my g2. I have the following questions:

1.) Is the spoiler attached with adhesive?
2.) What can i use to take off the adhesive?
3.) Are there bolts in the middle column of the spoiler?
4.) What brand of paint/clear coat would you suggest?
5.) What can i use to fill in the holes?
6.) Where can i get these products?

Oh, i’m also planning to paint my side moldings aswell and repair my bumper. My bumper has a huge crack in it (not just the paint). I will need to use some kind of filler to fill in the chunk missing. Can i use the same stuff i used on the holes?

there either 8 or 10mm bolts. two on either side of the wing and one in the middle. after that the wing will come right off.

there a couple diferenet ways to take off the emblems on the car. they can be found in the teg tips i think. i ended up using a old credit card to pry them up and some bug and tar remover to take off the glue that was left.