Tanabe Super Hyper Medallion

Mmmmhhhmmmm, this is one sweet exhaust!
It’s not too loud but gives a nice growl at WOT. The sound has a nice tone to it and doesn’t sound like bees in a tin can.
Can’t say enough good things about this exhaust!

Full stainless steel mandrel bent catback exhaust. The one for our tegs has 60mm piping (slightly bigger than 2.25").

Will post a sound clip when I get the chance.

do u think the “bootleg version” will sound similar?
i have a racing medallion style, i dont see a big diff between the two mufflers

the racing medallion is a different cannister style. It’s the long tubular look while the Hyper Medallion is the regular canister style.

As far as bootleg version, I have no clue what your talking about. If it’s a copy then, I would say it might not but you never know

anyone wanna trade for my Racing Medallion?

nope, I’m hanging on to my Hyper. It sounds so sweet!

Hey just saw this post while searching…trying to get a sound clip of the Hyper…can you help out?

yeah, I’ll see if I can post one up tomorrow!
lol I keep sayin’ that but I keep forgettin’ to bust out the digicam.
Hopefully I’ll remember tomorro for ya

i started a gathering of these search for my post and add to it…thanks

As promised but a day late (sorry :argh: ) here’s a couple clips of my Tanabe Hyper Medallion shot from about 5 ft away.
The clips can be viewed here.
Hope this helps in making your decision :slight_smile: