Tanabe Touring Medallion Exhaust owner's help.

I just purchased this exhaust from GAmedic. He had it on his db2 with a b16 swap with aftermarket headers. In the time that he owned it, a section of the exhaust was damaged but repaired. It can be seen in his thread. After purchasing it I tried looking for replacements parts for the repaired section but had no luck. I came across a note on the tanabe website that said for 92/93 models, the t29eaz adapter section is required. I’m curious if anyone has this exhaust on their 92/93 and had to use the t29eaz section. I myself have an all stock db2 with the stock exhaust manifold and stock cat. Any help is appreciated.

No one?

Yes, i have a 92 gsr with original b17 and yes you do need the adapter, or your muffler setup will be too short and will not match up with hangers

the 90s integra dont have the spacer and my exhaust sticks out a little past my bumper it pisses me off but yes you need that to run it on yours you can buy them on their website

Pintos, just get the adapter from Tanabe themselves. It’s relatively cheap or maybe even have a muffler shop extend the mid-pipe to fit.

let me check but I do believe that I do have the extension adapter that you need to run the exhaust, if I can locate it I will be glad to sell it to you, but like Gamedic said it is pretty cheap part that you can buy from tanabe. if you are in a rush to get the exhaust on your car.

But it is a must have part for the db2 in order to run the exhaust.

Only reasons I never needed it when it before I sold it to you is because I swapped to a new header with an adjustable test pipe and had a cat welded in.