tape recorder in car???

i need to know how to hook up a little tape recorder in my car. i need it to come on when the car is on and turn off when the car is off. the reason i need this is because my brother is using my car alot lately and im pretty sure he is dealing drugs, and if he is i dont want him using my car to do so. all i need is to have the cops harassing me. any info is greatly appreciated. thank you.

not being productive towards your thread, but i was just wondering if you have thought about any reprocussions there might be if the client would find your tape recorder? Sorry to be offtopic, just dont let him use your car if you’re not going to call him out on his alleged drugdealing.

i will hide it well, and i would rather have solid evidence so i dont feel bad. then maby i could talk him out of it and into something more productive and less dangerous.

Feel bad? If there was any possibility my brother was using my car to deal drugs out of, [even the slightest] I would not lend him the car, not because he is dealing drugs, thats his problem, but if he was taking the chance that my car would get confiscated because of his illegal dealing, I wouldn’t give a s*@& about him, he sure isn’t thinking of you. It’s a little diff. up here in Canada, but does the DEA not confiscate property, [like cars] and sell them off, if the property was gained or used in any way with the dealing of drugs?

I am not sure how to go about wiring the recorder, if it has a “car adpt” I guess you could just wire it to 12V and jamb/tape the rec. button down/on, it will all depend on how you turn on the rec. function, if it’s just a one button thing, [push button and it starts recording] and it is not a 12V unit or there is no adpt. you could use a relay wired to the cars ign. and connected to the recorders on switch, I would have to know more about the recorder and how it works. :hmm: 94