Just double checking with you guys… B18A throttle body is 60mm diameter, correct?

i think they are like 58mm… can’t remember… the type r is 62mm.

Yeah, I know. ITR is 62mm and all the other non-ITR B series VTEC tb’s are 60mm. Just checking on B18A.

this is from a recent thread:

Originally posted by battlecat
[B]here are some sizes, from what I can recall offhand.

1st gen b16: 58mm
91-92 LS: 58mm
Newer B-series: 60mm
ITR: 62mm
H22: 62mm

If the b17a uses teh same sized TB as teh b16a, which I would imagine it would being that it shares the same head and intake castings, then the b20 TB will be the same size, as it is basically an LS throttle body. [/B]

Hm, very interesting. I’d assume the 92-93 B18A and B17A tb’s are also 60mm and another contributor to the 10hp difference between 90-91 and 92-93. I’ve got a 92 2nd gen B16A tb here and it’s definitely 60mm.

Hmm… I’d still like to hear resounding facts from someone…


obd1 b series TB’s are 60mm, non obd b series are 58mm.