Teaser jdm one piece retro and led tail light retro

Shes in the body shop getting a fresh coat of blackhawk in the mean time heres a sneak peak of some other projects…

Heres a link to the jdm one peices retro pic

Looks so good!!!

About time someone did one.

probably hella bright… pics with them on plz!!

The reverse is ridiculous lol … Thats not the same lense in the pic im going with the 90-91 lense

DO a DIY on this!!! me want!

So sexy, I’m in for the DIY too!

Those look very cool.

What’s the plan for integrating them with the car’s flasher?

I dont have a diy for the tails all i did was take them apart and shipped them to a friend and he installed the leds and wired it up… I need wire in some load resistors for hyper flash but other then that they are plug and play with stock harness plug and all. I dont have much experience w leds but i always wanted to upgrade my tails so i went this route plus the price was reasonable. Ive done headlight retros before tho so i did that but its already been done before.

On a side note if you did bake the tails and remove the extra clear lenses you could improve the brightnes of them and upgrade to led bulbs. If you just put in led bulbs without removal of the inner lenses it would be dimmer then stock. Just for a diy alternative to a custom led retro.

Is it possible to get the guys info maybe I can send mine to him

got LED’s without removing extra stuff… already brighter!

His email is JPCustoms901@gmail.com tell him james sent you.

That is ridiculously awesome. I want a set of 90-91 tails done up like that.

92 - 93’s please !! :smiley:

i actually have a set of min 92-93’s i might get rid of… i dont really feel like shipping haha