teg bogs weird, any suggestions?

Well its finally really starting to annoy me.

Anytime shortly after I start my car if I take a right hand turn it kind of sputters, doesn’t matter what gear either. It usually only happens once.

The only way I can leave work involves a right hand turn only a block away. Starting to get sick of it ‘bogging’ everytime I leave work on that turn. (not only that one, but anytime i leave somewhere and i has a right turn close) Keep in mind this goes away after say 10-15 minutes, and only occurs on right hand turns through any gear.

Here is what I have checked for:

  1. cables binding, no signs of it, checked everywhere.
  2. ran some fuel injector cleaner through to try, didin’t work.

Thanks for the help in advance, I know this is a tough one. It’s been puzzling me for about 2 months now and I just decided its time to ask for some help!