teg parts

Does any one know a place online thAt I can order weather stripping for my doors hatch n sunroof I’m leaking everywhere.

they should have a link in our sponsor section or you can go to www.acuraoemparts.com

Before buying seals for all of those, I would confirm exactly where the leaks are coming from. Like have someone inside the car and someone on the outside with a hose. The most common leaks are from under the windshield wiper cowl, tail light gaskets, and the sunroof drains clogging.


Don’t just go ahead and buy all the weather stripping for the car… it adds up quick…

well changing the weather stripping definitely isn’t a bad idea on our cars if he’s not tight on money. water does tend to leak from a little bit everywhere and the wind noise can get annoying through the side windows if the window doesn’t seal well.

Yeah, it might not be a bad idea to change the weather stripping, but it might not solve the problem either is all I was saying. If money is no object, change it all and then find the problem.

for sure. definitely find exactly where the leak is coming from first to at least order the right seal to solve the problem. then if you want to change the others as preventive maintenance it’s not a bad idea.