Teggy Vandalised, Need your help.

My family and I just moved to Nebraska. A couple miles from Lincoln. My dad and my brother have been here for a few months. Anyway, My Integra got broken into last night as well as my brothers Dodge SRT4. They broke the tabs and took off a window on each of our cars amd tossed my window under our Uhaul and tossed my brothers in front of his car. They stole my Pioneer CD player, a Kicker with two 10’s and a kenwood 750 watt amp. As for my brothers car they took the window out, stole the change out of his ashtray, and ripped his climate control out.

If there are any G2IC members in Nebraska or surrounding states, I am asking if you wouldnt mind keeping an eye out for me. I am going out to some pawn shops tomorrow to see if maybe the stuff has already been unloaded onto local pawn shops.

So sorry to hear that man, everytime I hear someone’s shit getting stolen or missing makes me so mad that I feel like strangling someone because it’s happened to me before and I know how it feel’s but unfortunately I can’t strangle anybody or I’ll end up in jail.

Go to the local hang outs where all the imports gather up on the weekends and also try the race track if they stole parts from under the hood. If you do one of those it’s just matter of time(in most cases) before you run into someone who has some of your shit. Good luck to ya & I hope you find your stuff that got taken from you.

My dad seems to think the kids down the street have something to do with it. I was so pissed. I lived in the back of an elderly retiree community for 8 years and way in the back where I lived, was notorious for people getting their doors kicked in and getting their stuff stolen. My dad and my brother have been here for months with no problem and my mom and I have been here just about a week and unfortunately, We got hit. We already have the cops involved and were unfortunate to get a rookie who thought his shit dont stink. All he told me to do was to keep an eye on craigslist and hit the local pawn shops. I’ve been searching craigslist, And I know it’s a bit of a lost cause, But worst case scenario, I’ve already found several set ups for sale on craigslist. My dad seems to think the kids down the street either have something to do with the theft or know who did.

What I dont understand is that they stole a speakerbox,sub,amp and stereo system that literally costed me nothing but an installation fee of $50 from my buddy and an extra $50 to buy the power wire kit , yet they left my $500+ GPS sitting in the center console. I understand sound systems and stereos are much more desirable to sticky fingers and theives. But that GPS costed much more than my speakerbox,amp,sub, stereo, and the $50 power wire kit for it put together.

lol they sound pretty dumb to me. At least they didnt steal your car on the bright side!

Yeah. Thats one good thing. Now I have to save up to go get a new peice of glass installed. That’s the main concern of mine right now. Just getting the glass done, everything else can wait.

I’ve got the appointment set. The Teggy gets her new glass friday afternoon. Hardest part is now out of the way. Time to start shopping around for a stereo.

Glad they stole replaceable things other than the whole car itself. Sorry to hear that man but this …

[QUOTE=BigD17;2238670] As for my brothers car they took the window out, stole the change out of his ashtray, and ripped his climate control out.

How pathetic. Ruin somebody’s car just for some change. Thieves these days.

I could understand they would hit us if I was blasting my stereo and running it real loud, But I havent. I havent driven my car since we’ve been here because we got hit with some nasty snow and ice on the roads. My brothers window on his SRT are limo tinted and there’s no way to see inside them unless you had a really bright flashlight like the LED ones. He’s already covered. He just has to wait for the insurance adjuster to come out and evaluate his car and take it into the shop to get it fixed. But since we didnt have a certain kind of protection on my car, We’re left to pay all my repairs.

Sorry to hear about the theft. The best advice I can give is to accept it and move on, and protect yourself in the future through insurance. Pining for your stolen possessions and scouring the pawnshops will just lead to more frustration and disappointment, so it’s healthier to just consider it gone forever and move forward. If you have serial numbers you may be able to prove ownership IF you find your stuff, but otherwise you’ll have no recourse and it’s really not worth the effort. I’ve tried before, it sucks. It doesn’t help to try and rationalize the theft either, because it isn’t rational. The sad fact is that the payout they’ll get from the theft is significantly smaller than the replacement and repair costs that you’ll have to bear. Frustrating, I know, but it is what it is. :frowning:

Collect what insurance you can, replace your stuff, and channel your energy into something more constructive.

I agree with you 100%. As far as I know the Teggy will be going and getting the new glass put in sometime tomorrow evening or over the weekend. Then im going to focus on getting a peice of tint that matches the dark percentage on my passenger window and then I’ll focus on getting a new stereo put in it and maybe down the line I’ll look into another box like I had.

So the guy who is fixing my glass just left like 10 minutes ago with the teggy. I will have her back tonight with fresh glass installed. That’s one major hurdle overcome.

So, My dad and older bro went and picked up my Teg. The window and glass in it has been fixed. The window guy said that the clips that hold my window in place were broken. So he welded them back on. He told my dad that we need to be careful and use caution when opening and closing the window because there is a chance the clips could break again. He said it could happen the first time you put it down, it could happen weeks from now, or it could never happen again. I dont plan on opening my window anyway. Its to cold, I’ll be using the heat for awhile and when it warms up, I’ll just use the A/C. Anyway, The biggest hurdle has been overcome. I am going to call around tomorrow and see if I cant find a reasonable tint shop who wont rake me over the coals and charge me an arm and a leg to retint one window to match my passenger side tint. I also went out and priced some stereos tonight. My stereo will be coming much sooner than I thought. They werent nearly as expensive as I originally thought, Although it costs what it costs. The only thing I dont think im going to be able to replace anytime soon is my speakerbox. I think I would have to go to an audio shop. I glanced in Wally world tonight and they had a small double speaker box, but it only handled up to 300 watts and I know I would blow that instantly. Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone and let everybody know that the Teggy is slowly coming back to life.

those sliders being broken is very typical on these cars. there about $15 a piece from the dealer, if your can still get them…

Thank you for the info. I will have to check into that.

damn yeah get that window fixed properly imagine if you just shut door and it breaks dat would suck…

If I am able to find the sliders and they are still available for sale, How much am I looking at approximately to have my window taken out again and having the old part stripped off and the new one put on?

So I just did a rough add up of what its going to cost me to replace my stereo and extra stereo goodies. Im looking at about $543.94 +tax

Fantastic! I hope whoever stole my shit gets hit by a freaking car!