tegnation, anyone familiar with him

sent $425 for a cable trans shipped.

just need some feedback, he has a 7 trader rating…

Oh dude, your burnt. That guy is a complete scammer.

j/k Whats the problem?? You do realize this forum is for disputes only, right??

didnt realize that…

just want to make sure he doesnt fuck me… thats all

just pucker your ass real tight, and put some ducttape over it. he wont fuck you.

sorry never dealt with him.

what was the point in your post?

He has a trader rating of 7 with nothing negative. I know what your saying though, thats alot of money to be sending to someone you dont really know. I wouldnt worry about it until you have reason.

he also told me he’d send it out on Monday, here it is Tuesday, going on Wednesday and I still dont have confirmation on shipping. Gave an excuse that it took him a while to find a box that was big and strong enough for the trans…

finally got the transmission… yay!!!

everything looks good.

the spring that clips onto the throwout bearing, where it attaches was broken.

the relearse fork was rusted the clutch release arm (clutch cable)

im hoping it doesnt grind as he says it didnt, he also said it didnt leak.

well see

im having hte transmission looked at, becuase i messed it up putting it in, i bent hte change rod. well a local tranny guy will replace the part for $100 and shit…

all should be fine, unless the tranny guys says otherwise… i doubt it.

well as luck would have it. the trans grinds 3rd. im going to make sure i have adequate fluid in and what not. but shfiting from 2nd to 3rd and any RPM it grinds.

i havent spoken to the seller. im going to make sure of fluid first, then confront him.

he seems to think I was trying to scam him.

heres more detail.

Sent Payment on April 6th
Shipped April 12th, [originally was to be shipped April 10th]
Transmission came April 19th
packed very well, wrapped in plastic w/zero fluid [which was nice]
had some slight abnormalities, there was a weird bracket on the tranny, the release fork damper was broken off and two holes were drilling the release arm - this was for cable to hydro conversion [no worries here]
then, i put the trans in - i thought the change rod was bent, said something to my gf, she wrote him a nasty email. well, it wasnt bent what-so-ever. I apologize for this.
I finally got the transmission in and worked out some bugs, filled it with 2.5 qts of Honda MTF, new passenger side axle and get it out on the road and it grinds going into third…

Sent response to tegnation via email. saying this

At this point I’m not asking for anything from you. But, this transmission does in fact grind third over 2500 rpms. I only bought it for the simple reason you told me it had NO grinds, well it does.

Just letting you know. I’m SURE you’ll blame me or my driving, whatever. That’s not the case here. You made a quick $350ish off me that’s all that matters to you.


am i going about it the wrong way? im not trying to ruin his name, he had very good communication and what not, just he promised to ship on that monday and didnt and now the trans grinds.