tegra driving problems:Help!

Ok so this has been happening 4 a while now, i was driving the car around and i take it out of gear to shift to the next but it wont let me and im like WHAT THE F*** so the first thing i think is the clutch went out so i try to shift and it wont let me. so i turn the car off put it in 2nd and start it up and drive all the way back home, so i leave the car in the parking lot cus it wont let me shift anymore the end right? nope so i go back out about two weaks later and it works again! perfectly it lets me drive it again for about two days then goes out again, so i wait about another week drive it up to mineke leave it there for about 2-3 days and they say nothings wrong with it but a clutch is gonna cost me 1,000 dollars bought and installed so i take it back home find out theres a nail stuck in my tire and my cd player wont work anymore dunno why (meineke side affects maybe) but whatever i change my tire and listen to the radio. next day i drive it end up getting revved by some guy in a riced up civic so im thinkin since im getting a new clutch anyway why not take this one out with a bang so i race him beat him(of course) clutch feel fine still a lot of pressure to the pedal whatever so it works like this for about another 3 weeks then one day im about to park the car and i hear this weird sound when i put it in reverse so i immediately take it out and try it again i have to park so i do it anyway still making that sound till i give it some gas i park go inside for about an hour come out put it in 1st makes wierd sound again drive to the store back get some things and come out i get in the car it wont let me shift the pedal feels sloppy so i get one of the workers to come out push my car while i rev at 3,000 and put it in 2nd gear it goes i drive home and park turn it off, turn it back on and see if it works again nope and here we are today. i mean wut could be wrong with it if it was the clutch wouldnt it go out all together instead of working every once and a while. sorry it so long but jus want to make sure u know everything thats been happening? any thoughts are greatly appreciated



freak… my eyes hurt too…

but after enduring the pain of your sentences… ( paragraphs bro… use em next time please )

i seems yer syncros are fubar’d if its in gear with clutch pedal depressed and its a making a “grinding” noise… its called… get another tranny… and $1K for a Clutch job??? wtf… u might as well take it to the dealer… probably for a cheaper price…

sounds like a new tranny is needed (and a few periods thrown in for free,…)

Check the tranny oil

when did this message board become an english critiqueing seminar?

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when did this message board become an english critiqueing seminar?

When posts became difficult to understand.

I thought we all chose to be interested in cars because we weren’t smart enough for anything else:D

When people cannot understand posts, they will ususally stop reading.


Originally posted by integraguy93
Check the tranny oil


I have no idea what was said in the original post, but some fresh MTL is cheap and an oftentimes effective thing to try when gears start grinding.


I read it twice…
I still don’t understand, and I’m dizzy…
But, when my release bearing went out, it didn’t let me shift.
If you can’t even shift into 1st while pressing on clutch pedal, that might be the reason. The part to replace that isn’t too expensive, but the labor is. Might as well do the whole clutch job. Cost me $450.

Red Teggie:

when your release bearing went, were you able to shift while the car was off?

I am having a problem where it is really hard for me to get into gear when the car is running, but not when it’s off…

Here’s my post: http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=70200

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read your post.
This is what I went through.
When I got the car, it had a busted clutch.
I believe the disk itself is severely worn, and the release bearing(T/O bearing) was shot as well. The symptom was almost the same as yours. I couldn’t get into gears when the engine was running, unless I really force it in (and trust me, I do have a strong arm). With the engine off, I could get into any gears without any prob. So I dropped it off at a shop to get the clutch done.
All was fine until a few months later. I was driving and was shifting from 1st to 2nd. and all of sudden, the clutch lost all the pressure, and wouldn’t come back up. I got out of the car, and tried lifting the clutch pedal, only to find out it was moving freely, as if there was no spring or anything. With the engine off, I put it into 2nd gear and started the car. when the starter was cranking, the car rolled as well. then I drove home in 2nd gear.
Initially what I thought was the clutch cable( it made sense at that time… free playing clutch pedal??) turned out to be a shot t/o bearing. I guess the first mechanic I went to f*ed up something. Or else, how can a brand new T/O bearing go out in like 4 months? and I never, ever, do hard launches on my teg…
anyways… that’s how mine was. hope it helped.

Thanks, The clutch actually does engage, and I can shift with effort. It is easier when I am rolling, etc.

I had those pics posted of the T/O bearing. The bearing moved freely in and out. I just talked to a guy at a local shop, very well respected btw, and he said it may be that the flywheel was resurfaced too thin. Yet I called the place that resurfaced it and they said they took a minimal amount off in order to get it to my spec (.110").



The exact same thing happened to me as red teggie except I drove it home in first (second gear is a good idea). I had just installed my clutch 3 weeks before, so after looking at my teg for about an hour the day after I tightend my adjuster for the clutchs’ cable almost all the way and my car has been running as good as new. No power loss or anything. I like to drag race alot (in closed streets) and haven’t had any problems with it at all. I had to adjust that screw like if I had just installed the clutch, I haven’t had to mess with it since.