tein basic

my friend is selling a new set of these. has anyone used them on there car? how do they function for daily driving? thanks for any input.

My brother has them on his civic. ride is nice, not to stiff. Personaly i am looking for some SS-P’s

Tein Basics are a good choice for a daily driver set up. Strong solid strut, adjustable ride height. Thats about it. The ride is really solid but not too stiff. If I were you, I would buy them.

yeah i read the specs on them and they sound pretty good. my friend wants 500 for them and he said he would install them so that saves me the trouble. you think that is a fair price for about 3 weeks of use on his civic hatch??

Yes definetely. Especially since he said that he would install them. They usually run for about $750 to $850 brand new depending of course, on where you get them.

ok i think im going to buy them ill post up pics of the install when i get them. thanks for the help:up:

What year civic hatch were they for? You should check because the spring rates are going to be a lot different from your DA. I cant remember off the top of my head, but the rear DA spring rates are around 260lbs and the fronts are I believe right high 400lbs I think. The civic has different spring rates as each set of Tein Basics are individually tailored for the specific weight of the car. Just double check, the ride may not be noticeable at all.

i dunno what year but i know its and ef model so somewhere around 88-91 ill ask him thanks for the info…

do you know of any better suggestions for a fairly cheap but effective suspension setup??

Here ya go. The DA tein basic front spring rate is 504, the rear 280. The EF 88-91 hatch tein rates are 448 F and 224 R. The EG 92-95 civic are 392 F and 168 R. The EG tein basics would probably be quite a big difference since your car is much heavier up front. If they are 88-91 basics, then you should be ok. It’s not too much of a difference.

And also for $500, you cant beat that!! If they were the EF basics I would buy them from him. Just make sure they fit your car first. Ask him to let you test fit them, and if they fit, drive with them for a few days.