Tein h tech question

Ok so I know a lot of you have used s tech and the drop looks good IMO. The info on tein said 2in drop but it looks closer to 3-4in drop. My question is on the h techs it says 1.5in drop so would it drop down to maybe 2 or 2.5in drop? Since the s techs was incorrect? If your running h techs can you please post a pic I’m trying to get springs ordered by this weekend and really want to compare. Thanks Or if ya have any suggestion on some springs that give good balance in stiffness and softness for under 200 let me know

Does anybody have pictures of the H-Tech Drop? I’m thinking i might just bite the bullet and try the D2 LOWERING springs just because i dont think anyone has tried them yet.
I know people are using their coilovers but im Just getting the springs. Their spring rate is a little stiffer then stock so maybe it wont be to harsh. But they get mixed reviews much like any lowering spring out there lol.

Ok just got a email from D2 racing and they tell me the spring rates are 540f/290r now I’m not sure if that sounds right but that what they told me. Would these springs be to stiff for the Tokico illuminas? I know the blues are kinda like stock struts so if you can let me know how stiff a spring rating your running on your illuminas and if there still running well