tein s-tech springs?

for people with these springs, what do you think of them? hows the ride, how much did it lower it, i have heard it lowers it 1.5 in from some peeps and i have heard it lowers it 2 in from others. so what is it actually? some one please let me know what they think!!! thanks…

Someone actually took the time to write up a review for these springs not to long ago. :search:

they are freaking great…so much stttiffer, almost got rid of my body roll altogether and a little over a 2 inch drop…worth the money

How are they stiffer? The spring rates are near stock for the S-Tech.

i dont know man but trust me they are…my cds skip about fifty percent more often then they used to when i hit the same damn holes…if you ask me theyre a little too rough for most daily drivers but i love em…i couldnt give two shits about comfort…i want max cornering

Your CD player skipping and having a rough ride doesn’t mean you’ve got stiff springs. It may mean you’re too low and the springs are so soft you’re constantly bouncing off the bumpstops.