Tein S Techs abd brakes

Hi everyone. I just put on Tein S techs with still stock good struts. My question for those Tein S techs users, does your car hit hard when you hit a bump? I used to have Ebay coilovers that would hit really hard when I hit a bump, so I thought the Teins would fix it. It’s better, but it feels like I’m still hitting hard. I heard that’s how it’s going to be bcuz I have lowering springs. When I go up the driveway of my house, it hits hard, and I go slow. I also did my brakes. I put on Hawk HPS. Before I put them on, the brake pads were ok, but I needed to turn my rotors. So I put the pads on, and the pedals got spongy. I have to hit the brakes really hard in order for the car to stop good. I bled the brakes, but still it’s like that. I’m wondering if it’s just the pads. Any help/advice you guys can give me on either subject would help.

When I put on the S Techs it dumped my car. I was almost tucking tire on stocks. Yes it would bottom out on nice bumps. Ended up blowing my rear shock because of this. It was just too damn low so I took them out and replaced them with some Ground Controls.

On the brakes. Did you bleed them?

Ok, so it’s the springs then. I wasn’t sure. So yeah, I think I’m just going to change them out, cuz it’s too low. LOVE the look, but way to low for my taste, and this is my 4th lowered car.

On the brakes, yup, we bleed them. Maybe we didn’t do it right. Gotta look for the right procedure. I also feel a bump bump bump when I hit the brakes really hard. Maybe be too low.