Tein Spring Installation

Got my Tien S Tech Springs. I’ve got a really silly question, but for some reason, I remember reading something about this a while back, and can’t find the original thread. Which ones are the fronts and which ones are the rears? I’m assuming the small thinner ones are the front ones, but I could be wrong.

dont they come with instructions, i am not sure about the thin ones eing in front i mean that is where most of the cars weight is u know.

They come with instructions, but it’s all text, safty precautions, and bump stop cutting instructions. I’m replacing some crap coilovers (which took a weekend to install), so I really just want to do it right the first time, and not have to redo becuause I installed the springs incorrectly.

oh ok, well i dont think that thin springs would go on the front of the car, mayb the tein website might have some instrustions that u can use.

Is there a number printed on the springs anywhere? Typically the higher spring rate goes in front, so look for that.
Also, very often the front springs are linear and the rear are progressive. Not sure about the S-techs though

I just got the same kit, when you pair them up with the struts the will only work one way… the bigger are the rear and the skinnier ones are the front… or the ones with the brown thing are the rears, do it that way… i’m pretty sure, they don’t come with specifics like that but i tried making them up with the struts i just got and what i call the rears didn’t work on the front struts.

Where is Apex, NC? i’m in statesville, nc

Thanks for the help, now I can install with some confidence that I won’t have to do a ‘do-over’. Apex is on the outskirts of the Triangle, near the Jordan Lake area. Some guys from importsnc.com are looking to have an acura/honda meet, may have to represent for us G2ICers