Tein Street Basis Coilover Kit: GSA32 - 1USS2

This is a review on the Tein Street Basis Coilover set for the 1990-1993 Acura Integra. I installed them on a DB1, direct replacement for the stock dampers and springs.

Purchased kit: GSA32-1USS2 from Autoplicity for $502 shipped. Comes with everything except the upper mounts, which have to be reused from the OEM parts. I installed new Energy Suspension bushings in the upper mounts on front and rear before assembling the Tein coilovers.
Installation is simple, and no spring compressors are required to assemble, as spring tension is 0 until you start threading down the adjustment sleeve once upper mounts, washers and nuts are tight. Helpful diagram/instructions were included.

The resulting drop was almost 3 inches, front and rear, using Tein’s factory recommended 1.4” setting for the adjustable locking nut setup. For a daily, that is good enough for me. Ride is noticeably stiffer than factory setup, a slightly worse bounce, but cornering is crisp and I’m not scraping unless I get aggressive with a speed bump or a fairly steep angle driveway or parking lot entrance.

Very solid build quality, and I feel that they are worth what I paid.




Thank you for reviewing these, this is the exact set I want. I trust Tein quality and for about $500 for full coilovers I think you get a lot of bang for your buck with these. Since this post is from June, do you still have them on the car and how are they holding up?

Hey thanks for the question. I need to check in here more often! I have been running this setup since June 2016, and Dailying the car still as of January 2017 they are holding up just fine. A few scrapes here and there on speed bumps, and I have done a few frame bangs coming off a curb too fast (hate that SLAM! feeling), but overall I have not touched ride height or adjusted anything since I installed. The car has settled maybe a half inch (?) since the coils were brand new, and it is still a much more stiff ride than stock, but my buyer satisfaction is high. Also, I am glad I invested in a rear camber kit because while I am entertained by the StanceNation, I am not part of it, lol.

Tein is a solid, affordable drop, hands down.

@G2Again are you running a camber kit all around? Have this same set and wanted to know whether i should invest in a camberkit as well and just slap it all together at once, or is a camber kit not really needed for the front, just the rears?

@alexmuchacho i have the same exact set up with camber kits all around and i do recommend running camber kits.i made the mistake of not running camber kits when i lowered my car with the tein street basis and i was running -4 natural camber all around and that destroyed my tired (i daily my DA) so i picked up skunk 2 front and rear camber kits and now im at -1.5 all around. tires last longer now, fitment looks way better and handles way better