Tell me if this makes sense.

I hav a 92 LS and I just got RS*R exhaust made for a 90-91. I know that I would have to get an extension made to put the exhasut onto my car, but would this work; I am getting a header also so could I buy a 90-91 DC 4-2-1 header and put it on my 92? And would this eliminate the need for a extension for the exhaust? This may be the stupidest ting u ever heard but hey, i had to ask.

i think the location of the O2 sensor is diff but get a second opinion…

Somebody has to know for sure.

The location of the 02 sensor is definately in a different location. 90-91’s have their O2 sensor by the cylinder head and the 92-93 have their o2 sensors right before the cat. They say you can just splice the wires to change its location, but I don’t know for sure how accurate it will be like that.

As far as the other parts go, I’m not too sure. I’d make sure the catalytic is the same lenght for 90-93 and make sure there is room in the new location for the cat. The underside may not be patterned the same way.

The header won’t fit, the bottom half is going to hit the oil pan.