Temp. gauge gone wack???

Hey guys/gals - My temp gauge just started moving up and down all of the sudden. Didn’t overheat but goes up pretty high and then comes down to a little before half. Minutes later the same thing happens again. I just changed my radiator about a year and half ago. Just changed all my belts and water pump about 2 months ago as well. Has this happend to anyone, what causes it, what to look for, or what to change? Any help would be great. Do you think a bad thermostat or radiator cap can cause this to happen? TIA - Nick

Does it go up when you’re stopped and down again when you drive?

I 'd say a bad ground…I had the same problem.


when you filled up teh radiator… did you bleed the system of air? also… are both your fans working? and does this happen at a dead stop… or moving to?yea and you should check yoru thermostat

That sounds about right guys. It does go up more at stops and comes down some when in motion and sometimes drops a little just when I rev it. What do you mean by ground? and yes, I believe I did bleed the coolant when I changed the fluid. I’m too lazy to look at the helms but where’s the thermostat located and should I just go OEM or any name brand (all the same)? TIA again…

The problem you describe is due to low coolant level. When your car is cool, fill the radiator and the resivore. I changed my radiator hoses and it fixed that exact problem, but others had to replace the radiator or the water pump.