Temp gauge never moves once warmed up?

Hello, I’ve owned a G2 teg for a couple months now, and I’m a little concerned about the temp gauge, It warms up to just under half in only 1-2 minutes of driving, even in the cold morning.

Once it is at that temp, it never moves. Doesn’t matter if I’m sitting idling, highway, stop and go. I’ve driven up Mount Evans which is 14,000 feet, still never moved climbing up the grades.

I’m also not sure if the fan is coming on, I’ve let the car idle for a good 20 minutes and the fan never came on, gauge never moved from the under half position.

Is the cooling really that good? or is something giving false readings?

Thank you!

my da is the same way and i have done alot of aftermarket work on mine and i drive it really hard on a daily basis, i think they just have a good cooling system… i hope

mine goes to about the same spot and stays pretty consistent, it’s all black & i run the AC super cold all the time in the summer too.
if its cold out and im driving it actually drops to cold until i stop. i may need a new thermostat though, no telling.
i live in florida so its mostly a non issue unless i drive further north (Atlanta) like i did last winter.