Temp gauge stopped working.

Like about a week ago I was going on the freeway at normals speeds (65-75) mph and then I look down at my temp and its dead cold like in the mornings. But when I got on the freeway it was fine. Every since that day my temp doesnt move at all. What can cause this? Oh and like a month ago I painted the rings around the gauges but everything was fine then. WTF? Please anyone any ideas? And I did do a serch but nothing.:shrug:

Not for nothing but the same happened to me. Any info would help me too. The other day my radiator cap exploded and the engine was smoking, the f*cking think just stayed below freezing. I could’ve blown my engine, if it wasnt for huge cloud of smoke.

could it have something to do with some wire by the water pump???

Come on I know someone has to have an idea…please

could be the temp sending unit… It is located on the passengerside of the head,under the distributer…there is a single wire running to it…but could also be the temp sensor…which is located right in front of the sending unit…check em both out…


temp gauge

actually it sounds more like your thermostat, if it is cold all the time then the thermostat is stuck open, which means yor car is still sensing that it is cold and it will eat up a lot more gas until you get it fixed, cheap fix under $20. Dont forget your thermostat gasket also