Temp Guage All Of A Sudden Drops

My car seems to warm up normally every day. But then sometimes when I slow down to tun a corner the temp guage will all of a sudden drop down to about 1/4 of the way sometimes a bit less. Then will come back home to the normal half way. I have been told its the thermostat. Just wanted a few other opinions on this problem.

If it is the thermostat could all this time driving with it doing that cause any harm to the engine??? Because it’s not like it happens every single time I slow down, but happens noticably enough.

yep thermostat, it’s almost opening too much

It’s probably the connection to the sensor connected to the block. the plastic that connects with the sensor tends to break off because of heat causing to loosen up. Thats what happened to me doesn’t hurt checking it I just went to the junkyard and cut one out and just spliced it in…works great now…

½ way up is not normal. I usually sit about 1/3 to about 3/8.

3\8 to 1\2 is about normal. I think people just round off 3\8 to half way up. I would think it’s the thermostat as well.

agreed, if you havent replaced the thermostat, start there. if not, you may want to replace your coolant temp. sensor. car having other running issues? if not, prolly just thermostat, as a bad coolant temp. sensor causes other symptoms.


When I bought my DA the car warmed up fine while idling, but when I started driving it home on the freeway, it dropped to Dead cold, then I stopped to pop the hood and check things out, and it seemed nice and warm, looked at the dash, it was normal again, so started driving, heater got cold and temp dropped again, the thermostat was working, but it wasn’t closing all the way, so it never really had a chance to keep temperature up.

well I got my thermostat changed and haven’t had a problem with the temp gauge dropping at all anymore