Temporary Tire Size T105/70D14

If anyone is interested in replacing the temporary donut spare tire with a new one (considering that the tires are several years old and have the potential to dry-rot), the size of the OEM tire is T105/70D14.

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Revisiting this again given that I got two flats within 3 months.

No one makes the 105/70D14 tire anymore.

Maxxis (Available on tirerack.com) has a 115/70D14 tire that will fit on the OEM 14x4T wheel.

sparetire.com suggests a 125/70R16 tire that gets close to the stock 195/60R14 height, but you’d have to supply your own 16x4 or 16x4.5 4x100 wheel. I haven’t been able to find those either. I don’t know if this combo will fit in the OEM temp wheel well.

Load index OEM is 84 = 1102lb (Any tire you use should be this index or higher)
Maxxis tire rating is 88 = 1235lb

Dorman 926-023 has a 4x100 15-inch wheel/tire combo that looks like it will fit. I cannot determine overall thickness and diameter based on the photos. Nor can I find the load rating.

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Thanks Neal. Mine is in horrible shape and I wouldn’t trust it to go very far. I also think that it’s not the original thar came with the car. The fit doesn’t seem to be as good as my previous integras.

I forgot that a 17" wheel+tire fits in the well. So I probably don’t need to worry about diameter. Just height. Need to keep it under 4.5 inches to use the OEM board (without flexing too much)

Pic is comparing 105/70/14 with 205/40/17