Tenzo or Sprint springs for Drop!!!!

Hye, i was wondeirn, since i can get both for the same price. Should i get sprint springs for a 2.25 drop or tenzo’s for a 2 drop… need comments and suggestions… and dont start w/h&r’s or eibach’s cuz, im not gonna drop my car any less den 2, :slight_smile: . Im still on my stock rims, and plan to keep it dat way…

I have Tenzo’s 2" drop on stock shocks and it rides fine, no complains here.

i was never a big fan of cheap springs. when i did my car i did it right and used ground-controls. if you do go for springs i would reconmend h&r or eibach, because if you decide to go and do some “spirited driving” these will give you beter results! remeber you get what you pay for!

dats the thing though, h&r’s and eibachs dont ride low enough… i know their ride quality is really good, but i dont like the look. Ive had lotsa praises about sprints… but ive never heard of anythin about tenzo’s and how they ride… i was originally gonna get skunk 2 coilovers but, coilovers ride alot more stiff compared to springs, w/ or w/o good shocks. i dont ride in many dropped cars, only been in a tanabe 1500 full coilover eg civic, a cut spring crx and a few other cut springs… lets just say dat coilovers are to stiff for my taste in general. I personally think, since i dont do pro. racing, dat these will be good enough for street use… thx for the info though guys. Also, is the ride in tenzo’s stiff and comparisons would be nnice… thx :slight_smile:

Eibach and H&R both have springs that lower more than 2"…

what im saying is dont get springs just cuz there cheap i would recomend that you do research on them! cuz you might end up with a low car but bouncy ass ride! call up all the companies that you are considering, and ask them what their sping rates are… and so on. i know thats what i did with the ground controls! good luck!

ive had them both, the sprints gave a little bit more of a drop and ride awesome. id go with sprints.

skunk2 2.5 in drop springs

I know this doesn’t answer the question, but I have the tanabe df210 and they are pretty good.