Terrible sputtering/bogging at 3k Rpm's

I have a problem very similar to the one in this thread http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144006 but mine is at around 3,000 RPM’s.

Long story short i have had the red car sitting in the shop at school for a few months until i could do a clutch job on it. Before i took the trans. out it ran perfect, would go all the way to redline without an issue. Now its all back together it wont go past 3k at all. once it gets to 2.5-3k the check engine light just starts going bananas blinking off and on. There is NO CODES at all. when i try moving/driving it it just dies after it gets up to 3k.

I just changed the o2 with a brand new direct replacement Denso. tried switching the distributor with the one of my white teg and still the same. I have no idea where to look next

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

sounds like a MAP sensor, unplug the mapsensor and see if it runs just as shitty than it is most likly the cause…
or bust out the helms/do a search and find resistance specs on the MAP and check the sensor its self

figured it out. The ground connector on the starter was loose. man of man does it run good, today is the first time i have been able to drive the red integra besides putting it on the trailer 6months ago.