That damn warning chime...

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Warning Chime
Hey guys - I have a little problem that I haven’t been able to identify. Lately when I first start my car and start driving, a little warning chime starts beeping on and off (the same sound as when you leave your lights on or no seatbelt). The doors are shut tight, and my lights are off (not that it should matter). I looked in the manual and couldn’t find anything about a warning chime. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas…I have a 91 Manual LS. Thanks.

Well guess what, I’ve got a 91 GS Hatchback Manual doing the same damn thing. Someone give a had please. Only little bit I can contribute is that my chime seems to stop when i hit the breaks steadily. hmmm…

Sounds like you may have a wiring problem, have you done any modifications lately to any wiring? Stupid question but is your seat belt totalling locked into the motorized unit. I know it will beep as well. You might have to start fiddling through the wires to see if you have a short somewhere causing the annoying beep. Does it stay on until you hit the brakes?

wut if the chime DOESNT come on? i keep forgetting to turn off my lights cuz it doesnt remind me…how do i fix this?

tushai, does your dome light come on when you open the door, if not then that is your problem, someone did a teg tip and sprayed WD-40 on it , otherwise you might have to replace it.

rebew1, no the dome light doesnt come on, im taking it that its the door switch, i tried wd40 a long time ago, but yet it does nothing. i think its the switch that gone…thanks for ur help tho!

thought i’d mention… the annoying little noise only comes on once in a while, and it seems to stop when i brake, no matter how hard or soft i brake. and also, my dome light doesn’t work either. lol. damn tegs, can’t live with 'em, can’t live without 'em. lol.:horny:

New Discovery

Hey, I figured out that my crazy warning chime and my rear defroster might be somehow linked. I think my rear defrost is messed up, or a fuse blown, ‘cause it won’t turn on when I push the button. But, when my weird little noise comes on, the rear defrost will work, but then shut off when the chime stops. it’s really friggin’ weird. I’ll post if i get it fixed.

If it helps, the chime is located behind the deck on the rear brace that the factory deck mounts to.

Hey! Eternalinex i have been having the same problem,if you have not fixed your problem by now i know what i did to fix mine so i will share that information with you,the problem is the ground wire on the left/right door clamp thingy if it is not wired in there good it will make a chime just like you are saying…:bang: so take both side off and make sure the negitive wire is hooked up right and if that dont fix the problem then it might them bottom seat belt i know some Teg have them,when the lap belt is not connected it will make a ringing noise too…but you too solve the problem just un hook that dang bell :slight_smile: Good Luck !

i have a similar problem!! mine wont chime or beap, mine is a fugly ass buzzing!! and i thought it was coming off the ecu!! i checked and came to the conclusion that its coming from the seatbealt warning box!! its a small box that looks like an ecu that is under the passenger side kick panel!! i took mine off!! but you can just unplug it!! there are two harnesses leading to it, a black one and a green one!! it took my fugly buzzing off!!:up:

ledbetter10: read this

I had the EXACT same problem. Do your intermittent wipers work? Mine didn’t and through the help on this forum i found it to be my ICU. It controls a few things like rear defrost, intermittent wipers, seat belt beeps, and a few others. I can walk you through step by step how to change it if you need. (AIM: tonin0) if you have any questions.

What and where is the ICU? My dinging noise sounds like a wire touching ground every once and a while. My intermediate wipers don’t work, but my rear defrost does. I didn’t have this problem till I did the fog light conversion with the fog light switch and the defrost switch. If it is the ICU, would that be hard to fix. If not where is that damn bell, I’ll just disconnect it!!!

ICU is behind the fuse block in the driverside kick panel. I can pull one in roughly 20 mins.

  1. remove the interior trim pieces around the fuse block
  2. Unbolt the the 2 bolts holding the fuse block in
  3. pull the fuse block up you’ll a grey box alittle bigger than a pack of marlboros
  4. use a butter knife or a screw driver and pry the old icu out
  5. remove the red connector on the ICU and pull the ICU out

I have one for sale if you need it. $20 shipped to your door!

Thanx, I’ll get a hold of you when I get it out. It will probably be next weekend. You got AOL instant messenger??

never mind I’m an idiot. Yea I’ll message you when I get it out.