The Avengers

Good stuff! Don’t think I needed to see it in 3D but was still happy with it. I think they did the Hulk great justice in this movie. Overall, a good way to spend Friday night with my son.

sounds like I have a date sunday morning with an egg mcmuffin, 3 12oz pepsis and a big empty 10am showing.

saw it last night. fantastically good movie.

$13.50 to see it in 3-d, waiting on Livingston NJ PD to post the moving violation to the NJ moving violation ticket website. Got caught doing a “California Roll” through a stop sign. No points but I’m guessing an $85+ donation to the smiling police officer’s fund is going to be made.


TF, you should see what a failure to stop does for you in NJ.

Eternally grateful that Iowa doesn’t have a points system. :slight_smile:

I’ve been busted twice now rolling through a stop… i get a friendly but stern reminder that it’s illegal and sent on my way…

Probably cause i flash my tits every time. :slight_smile:

Great movie btw… Perfect example that movie piracy doesn’t affect GOOD MOVIES… over 200mill opening weekend? Yeah… i think they did good.

$54 after court costs. Violations bureau people were pleasant and the parking lot had ample spaces, unlike my town where there is no parking anywhere, the violations employees are assholes and the ticket seems to always be for way more than is listed on the fine schedule.