?the b20 has been in, whats this hesitation prob? is this the fixx..

ok at low rpms, say from a dead start, sometimes the car will hesitate for a second or 2 then go away,it is like a quick pause or cut off as I accel from a stop. ive changed plugs nad it does not go away, i think if may be one of the following…its not the plug wires

~my injectors are 220,000 miles used, could be getitng a bad injector
~bad point on dist. cap…get a new rotor and cap
~ignition system going bad?

help me out, i did get some inectors from ebay for cheap with 80K miles on them… just got them cuz they were cheap and its time to replace mine…can you help diagnose this guys?


you look so sad mr wade. I used to have that with my original teg engine way back (periodically). I’ve heard of that complaint regularly enough as well.

I remember putting on a mds ignition and it went away. Then it came back again, but hardly as often. I figured that it must be a tune up thing. cap, rotor, plugs, wires, valve adjustment…?

Can’t say you have the same thing because it started as soon as you put your new engine in? My b20 has driven perfectly since it went in a month ago. Did you do a valve adjustment? My cap, rotor, wires and plugs are all new. As well, i soaked my fuel injectors in some stuff (for what its worth…?)


i got new plugs today, new wires… the b20 has been in, i just said that for some reason, it has nothing to do twith the problem, i think a new cap and rotor would be good, what about the ingitor? im not a guru on ignition stuff… also i noticed the bottom screw was out of the cap and it wasnt quite flush with the dist. so i fixxed that, i hope that was the prob, thanks daver boy


ill let ya know if the screw ordeal fixxed it once i go driving