The b20b short intake manifold...

I remember someone here used that short intake manifold with the swap. I am just curious what to do with the missing dash pot and everything else. It doesn’t look like those things can be swapped over. Does anyone know exactly how to re use the B20B short manifold with the swap.

Bottom of the first part of the thread. =)

The dashpot is the dohicky sticking out of the top of the TB -am i correct? Are you planning to retain the b18 tb or do you have the nice b20 one for your b20 manifold?

I never actually tried the b18 tb on my b20 mani, but the only forseeable hitch i see is missing out on the fast idle valve (and having only a 58mm tb).

My intake b20 mani/tb has way less dohickeys than the old b18a setup and it works fine (including no dashpot and that other freakin thing on the top front). I found nipples to take care of all my vacuum hoses and my only real hitch was to extend the MAP connector from the firewall stock MAP location to the b20 tb MAP location.

I’ll take some pics of it to show the finished product and post a supplement to my thread perhaps.


Hey Darver,

Yes, I have the entire B20b short intake with the bigger TB. If I can just swap all that into the car without having all that extra devices attached to the manifold than fine with me. I see the map sensor there and I think I can even retain using the oriignal all together. The only hitch I have is that the TPS is missing on that manifold. The one from my B18A intake is riveted on. Should I just go buy a new one from the dealer somewhere or will someone be kind enough to ship me one?