the conversion

ok guys i got my white 1993 integra GS with 200 000 Kms but it’s an auto and i’m either gonna sell it to find a manual one or convert the thing to manual i think i found a 1990 teg would the conversion work with a 1990 teg??? or should i just sell it ???

keep the car and do the conversion if the rest of the car is in good working order


where in ontario are you …

email me i can help you .

Do the swap. It’s not that hard…the hardest part is changing the pedals…here are some pictures of my tranny swap. Go to “my engine swap” page

Hey maurob18a1 i read your write up and this is what makin me do the conversion :smiley:

more like finding the parts for cheap w/o getting raped. i wish i had room for a g2 shell =/