the crank bolt from hell!!!

to say i have bad luck would be an understatement. my luck is horrible. example: i was pulling the battery out of teh teg one night to crank my jeep. but i needed the lights from the teg to see so i took it out while running. it was all going good until the prop rod fell (it has been broke, so i just use it like a broomstick). when it fell, it got caught between the timing belt and the valve cover. it ran the length of the cam gear covers breaking it along the way.
so when i get doen with everything i go to pull the teg back to its parking space and it has no torque. so i kill it and check and it stretched teh timing belt and ripped a hole in it.
now fast forward to today. i go get a belt and valve cover gasket to fix this beast. i get all the accessory belts off and the valve cover off fine. then comes the suprise. the crank pulley bolt that i have now read so much about.
i started this venture not knowing how big of a pita it was gonna be. i broke a 3/8 dr ratchet. then went to the 1/2 inch. and promptly broke and extension. all this while using a band wrench. i finally get a good bite and then i broke teh band wrench. i say fuck it. i called my step dad and he brought his impact (sears brand “companion”) and his 150psi max, 11 gal compressor. it did nothing! so i get pissed and go to lowes and splurge. i bought a IR pro quite series 600 ft lb impact. and a 19mm impact socket to complement it. i get home and hit it a few times. i can tell this gun has more ass but it is still not doing it!!!
WTF, how teh hell does this bolt come off. do i have to do a primitve dance prior to trying? maybe when the planets align and 13 cats have been sacrificed, maybe it will come off.
what im thinking is that the compressor isnt big enough to support the impact, am i right?

You already try a easy out or deep creep or the white bottle with a bunch of decals on it I think it is PB blaster.

i used a 18" breaker bar… mind you the motor was out of the vehicle

that sucks. mine came off no problem. then again that was with my 850ft-lb snap-on impact gun at 120psi. i’d suggest either increasing the compressors output to max psi or possibly getting a local garage to break it loose, retighten (not to much) then tackling it at home

once that bolt becomes a b#$@h to get out, it will be one… my bro and one of my guys went through the same problem… broke 6 1/2 breaker bars, cracked 10 19mm socket, broked 5 extension… try using a heat torch to heat it up, go buy the puller holder, if any luck it will come or not come out… mite even have to drag it to the shop… but once it comes off, REMEMBER to put ANTI-SEIZE the threads so that there won’t be a slim chance of it doing it again… especially your suspension bolts… but gL…

Hey man i had the same prob. i tryed every thing and it would no break loose. So i eventully got pissed and just held the air gun on full blast and held it there, after about a minute it broke loose. Oh yea dont use extentions when useing an air gun cause that will decrease the tourqe of the air gun, it will act like a tourqe stick for tighting a wheel kinda. Good luck.

I have gone through exactly all this just a couple months ago with my teg when an inner timing belt cover screw came loose and ate a big hole in my timing belt. I went through tons of different ways of getting the damn bolt loose, and here’s what I finally got to work.

  • chain wrench (I found one for $40 at Ace Hardware, there might be a better deal out there)
  • 36" breaker bar (1/2" drive)
  • 3/4" socket (1/2" drive )
  • about 2 feet worth of socket extensions (1/2" drive)
  • at least 3 jack stands
  • cheater bar (a couple of feet of 3/4" diameter pipe or something, optional)
  1. Set parking brake, raise front end of car and secure on two jackstands
  2. Remove driver’s side wheel
  3. Get access to the crank pulley bolt (pull out rubber stopper in timing belt cover, etc.)
  4. Create your tool
    4.1. combine breaker bar, extensions and 3/4" socket so that the bar clears the fender
    4.2. set the extra jack stand up next to the car in line with the crank pulley bolt, so that when the socket is on the crank pulley bolt, the extensions (where they connect to the breaker bar) are resting on the jack stand - this will support the bar and act as a fulcrum
  5. Put the chain wrench on the crank pulley as tight as possible, and brace it against something under the car
  6. Using breaker bar, turn the crank until the chain wrench is braced well and you’re sure it won’t slip
  7. Now position the breaker bar so that it’s pointing up and towards the front of the car, and hang on the end of it with your full weight
  8. If this doesn’t work, point the breaker bar so that it’s pointing straight forward and jump up and down on it
  9. If it’s still not getting any looser, get out your cheater bar, put it on the end of your breaker bar, and try steps 7 and 8 again…

I tried a variety of methods, including an impact wrench + small compressor borrowed from a friend, breaker bar plus strap wrench, and nothing worked until I did the above. I spent nearly a weekend trying to get that damn crank pulley bolt off, but when it finally came loose I was so incredibly happy. The timing belt job was a cinch from there. Just don’t forget the other usual timing belt tips, like set the motor at TDC before you take loosen the crank bolt, so that it’s easy to get the timing belt on right and make sure your cam gears are aligned properly. Now is also a good time to check your timing belt tensioner.

What you should have learned from this experience:

  • Properly connect your hood stick ( has the plastic grommets to reattach it properly for a few dollars)
  • Leave your timing belt cover on, it is there for a reason…but remember to put thread locker on all the timing belt cover screws!
  • Invest in a good set of jumper cables and a flashlight.

i spent three days on it.
i finally got it tho!
i finally put it all back together and drove it to my friends shop and used my impact on his shop air and it hit twice and broke free.
everything is good now got it all down and back together and its runs like a dream.

 thanks to everyone for your input and help