The K I S S Theroy

Ok,I had no brake light on my 91 gs. Fuses good and the horn worked.Must be the switch I said. Drive wifes neon and get parts off my old crx. Come home and take the old switch out.Still no lights. By this time I am stumped and about to say phuck it and rewire the whole car.Than I think are the bulbs ok??? Surething all 6 bulbs are burned out. I don’t know if they all went at once or one by one. Now they all work and I am fueling up to go put the smack down on a 92 eclipse turbo. Like I always say {KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID} just goes to showyou that some problem are very easy but hard if you don’t look at it as an easy problem first.

thank hope this can help others with the back brake lights out problem:lol: