**The official anything custom thread**

I searched and I can’t find a custom thread. If it “still” exists please close this one down. Let’s see pics of anything custom. Diffusers, splitters, air intake mods, fabrication work etc. Anything custom goes. Please explain your custom work when posting. :rockon:

I see wires, what is it?

Its NOS broseph.

dude, i had that shit on my bike

Custom rear bumper cover…

Those wire look like sub power and power antennae/amp turn on.

That rear bumper is sick. It’s such a subtle change but its great.

Yeah the rear bumper turned out great. The fog light ruins it though

No man its NOS!

dude, it really is nos. im about to take mine off my bike and hook it up to my teg. its a pretty easy mod for a max of 10hp and 40jdm points.

custom “stock” cold air intake,
took the drop in filter out, blocked the front inlet and put a 5" aluminum tube with a cone filter down where the resonator is suppose to be.
Uses the stock arm and box, looks stock, but works like a cold air intake, sounds like one also.

patent pending, copy it i sue you!
thats my custom crap.

Custom camera mount on c-pillar bar. Cut out from sheet metal from home depot. total cost, 3 dollars.

Custom junkyard wing, not really custom, but got another wing from another make and model car to fit.

and the pretty typical custom stuff.
black housing 1-piece headlights, accord 3-pc. rear lip.

also custom made exhaust piping, angle slant with turn down. ^

i know they arent all that great, but thats what i got.

:rofl: NNNNAAAAAAWWWWWSSSS! Good job man!

Carlo the car looks great that CAI is fantastic! I will be duplicating the accord 3 piece rear lip sometime been meaning to do it now I finally have a pic thanks.

lol thanks,
i love older cars, you can do alot of random stuff and still pull it off.
like junkyard parts, works well! aha

careful how you cut that rear lip, dont cut too much, or no turning back! =P
also, be sure to cut the left side where the exhaust is at an angle, i’ve seen it cut straight down and it doesnt flow well.


^^^Great stuff that’s what I’m talking about. Your car is very nice and clean. Moar!

peep this,


i know they arent all that great, but thats what i got.[/QUOTE]

dude did you know youre missing a piece of you lip?

Ok, Some of this has been posted before however it is off season in the far North and everyone needs some inspiration.

Seat Rail Brackets

Interior with floor plate, cage, instrument console ……….

I’ve always loved your car DB2! Don’t forget your non-sunroof roof skin either :slight_smile: