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The 2009 TI Gathering hosted on Treasure Island

In the San Francisco bay area!!!

Where the bay come’s to play!!!

When: June 20th 2009

Where: Treasure Island Ca Located in the San Francisco Bay area

Time: 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Yearly we host one of the largest central California car meet’s and we are returning to the San Francisco bay area for one day only !!!

This is a open event and all guest’s are welcomed to this admission’s free event.

We hope to see you at the meet and we hope to have all of the bay area involved!!!

Please check out for all the information this is where you register and where everything takes place please visit soon…

Check some of last years photos here

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ive been waiting for this to come around again! im in!

im waiting to see who’s interested in going to this car show hit it up guys lets see if theres interest

You have to pay to be in the show?

I could probably organize Clubintegra and G2IC to get them to come like i did last time. It would probably be a little more challenging with the fee but I think I can work it out and have people front up the $ or have them break away and park else where from everyone else when we get to the island.

there’s no break away location this year there building over on the island and we have a certain area we can use.

also the fee is because we couldn’t afford to front the 1400.00 this year but its only a five dollar fee if we get 200 plus registrations we can have a model competition.

club integra has a post up but yes all help is good.

where is everyone this site is kinda quiet come on guys lets get this going

jesus alan this site really has slowed down when i had my da and was on here everyday it seemed so busy and now it seems so dead what did you do scarfe them all off lol

so you gonna help me organize the g2ic side we need a ton of da’s to register let me know whats up dude

I think everyone is just kinda caught up in thier own lives right now Frank.especially the way the economy is.get your motor done?

yeah my car has been in the shop for the past month motor is pulled and being machined and all that good stuff.

i hope to have it back in a few weeks.

but other then that yeah i guess everyone is busy do you think we will be able to have a good turn out at this car show?

we would like to thank two new sponsors that have joined up RED ZONE PERFORMANCE and VISION PERFORMANCE

im in for sure

we would like to welcome our newest sponsor

Monster Energy

wow, Really?

ok so im still a go for this . just ordered my new front bumper . now i just need to start the body work . oh and the wire tuck . any one want to help ?


:lol:funny funny alan your first on my list to call for this project lol

i might go to this need too be kept in the loop …we should all pull in together …garagekansai …when you going to do your wire tuck? i going to do it to just dont know if i want to stay obdo or obd1 …what are you going to be?

yeah we now have Monster energy And working with ADR wheels ill keep you all posted on sponsors and when ADR signs up

im staying obd0 and then turbo

We would like to welcome our newest sponsor SpeedStar Racing