The Save the DA/DB2/DB THREAD! (Post your save here)

Hey guys!

Just posting up a nice thing i did for the G2 integra.

Purchased this 104k mile all orignal GSR DB2 integra for $1100 =)

Clean paint 9/10
No rust!
Perfect interior 9/10
Original white
1993 (fewer numbers)
Only 104k miles!
AC works
Cruise control works
ABS works
Only been rolled once…

Most cases this car would have been parted and then scraped. I felt the need to save it. It was to rare to scrap, and I didnt have the heart to tare this thing apart. NOTHING has been touched inside and out. Mint as shit (besides the roll over?) I decided that I would do the sunroof delete. See if anyone catches a meaning of a non sunroof gsr da… =)

^ Still have to paint the front fender, replace the passenger door, and paint the rear bumper & trim.

Now, EVERYTHING lines up (missing some misc trim etc etc.) and for the most part…it is saved. =) Not bad of a car for $2000.00 in this condition!

Post up your save!

GSR with sunroof delete, sweet. Nice to see that it did not end up at the you pick it junk yard.

Great idea! Here is mine:

'90 LS, banged up a bit in a chain collision, sat a few years, rusted a bit (well, quite a bit), but less than 68K miles when I started working on it in September. Not a GSR, no performance mods until I drive it a bit with stock parts and engine. Started the repairs with parts from one donor car, about to continue with a second donor car (which happens to be a '93 by coincidence)… I will probably have quite a bit left from the second donor… @Couped: If you need something, from a lowly LS, feel free to ask… some of the extra parts may be for sale here eventually anyway.

Starting damage assessment, August '12:

First pallet of parts arriving:

A little surgery on a quarter panel:

Still missing a few bits:

Off the critical list, and coming back nicely:

[QUOTE=2ndJenn;2280241]GSR with sunroof delete, sweet…[/QUOTE]back in the day, my friends used to say, “they should not call them sunroofs, they should call them Leakers”

I love to see the integra’s that get saved! Keep up the good work man!

Look forward to everyone posting there junk yard save!

wish i had pics of how bad mine was when i got it but i dont, i had to replace drivers door, both fenders, hood, bumper, lights and pull the radiator support

I have been thinking about doing this to my CRX Si. The metal they used to press the sunroof panels is so prone to rusting. I have a NOS sunroof panel , seal, seal brackets and hardware in my garage, but now the corner of the pan has started to rust!

wow, I have a wire hair dachsuund and a 92 gsr I saved from the scrapper, cheers buddy!

[QUOTE=2ndJenn;2280254]I have been thinking about doing this to my CRX Si. The metal they used to press the sunroof panels is so prone to rusting…[/QUOTE]Not to mention that once the drains have rust holes, water will go into inaccessible corners and make more rust there… and the headliner looks to be really fragile.

Glad to see the db2 was saved and restored. I saw the db2 on I wish I had the$ to have bought it myself. I would love to have a white db2. I’m satisfied with my agp db2 but a white one would make me much happier. Wish you had saved the sunroof but I understand the delete. Its unique and one less problem to deal with in the future. Nice thread. I look forward to more updates.

I have a few:

Saved this one from the impound lot. Was impounded by the city and who knows what would have happened to it.

Got it running, cleaned up and all issues fixed before i sold it

1991 LS

This one was in a guys backyard for the last 8 years with, at the time it was put back there, a blown clutch. The hood was left open for the full eight years so snow, rain and all other elements got into it. I replaced the clutch, did water pump, timing belt, oil pump, Got all issues fixed and cleaned it up a little (should have cleaned it up more but it was pretty bad to begin with)

Before 1990 RS

After (my first attempt at wrinkle painting a valve cover)

Reading this post and then, ^rolled once… wait, what? Re-reads “It says rolled…” Scrolls down Oh damn! Nice effing job sir!

First bought:


Couple different things in the bay now like wrapped header, battery tie down, and a few other little things but I don’t have any recent pics

The Maroon colored Db( if im not mistaken) looks amazing!:drool:

I’m looking for a good 3" intake similar to this, what brand is yours? Thanks!

Brief history of my car:
My mom was an original owner of a 91 Automatic Integra RS…after graduating high school the car was mine. It was just a car/daily/commuter what ever. Making the best of what i had. i did this:

^^skunk2 coils/tokicos, JDM headlights and a Carbon fiber hood. But it was still an automatic.
Luckily i found this guy on Craigslist. He wanted to trade his M/T for an automatic, because he was giving this car to his girlfriend who couldn’t drive stick. And it turns out that he has the same color red and same model as i had lol.

I know what your thinking. Thats exactly what i was thinking when i saw these photos.
My deal was to trade all my parts including the Interior pieces over.
As the months went by. my mechanic skills grew and my DA was looking better then ever.
One night it all gets taken away from me.
Rims,One Piece headlights. CF hood…almost everything was stolen…
I was back on the hunt for the missing parts. Found me a stock hood at the junk yard. black housing jdm headlights on Craigslist and my girlfriend bought me a set of Blades for my birthday.

DB2 Interior upgrade.

few years later…


I’m looking for a good 3" intake similar to this, what brand is yours? Thanks![/QUOTE]

Not sure. Was on the car when I bought it. Judging by the Spectre filter though I’d say it’s just a piping kit from any Autozone/Advanced Auto. I cut one of the bends to get it to fit just right behind my battery

Epic thread!

Bump this up guys!

I got a new one to save, I will post pics when I am done!