The search for the perfect DA9

Ever since I got into Hondas, The DA9 has been my favorite chassis. I have owned 6 of them and I am certain that # will only grow.
We all go through our phases with these cars I just wanted to post up a few pics and show where I started and where I am now.

My first DA was my first for many things. It was resprayed silver and when I got it it needed a water pump. It had full DC cloth interior lowered on tokico struts w/ adj. sleeves, Ebay one piece lights, cai, full exhaust and its original B18A1. (91 LS model) I payed $1900 for it but I was happy to own it. Best kill ever in this car was a jdm B16 crx, and thats back when I couldnt even drive…lol. It ran strong for a while until one day it started knocking out of no where. Come to find it was beyond super low on oil FML! This would later on become the first car I pulled the motor from, parted out, and first car to sit in my driveway without moving for wayyy too long.

The Second DA was a 100% unmodified 1990 jasper green LS model. It was blown up and I bought it from a buddy for $700. I had another friend selling what he thought was a B18b1 turned out to be A1 for $400 so i bought it and dropped it in. Took me 3 days to get the motor in and idling perfect. The body was mint and first thing I did was get an intake and full exhaust for the car. I started hitting up the racing scene in Tampa in this car. One time I was ridding out and my rear tire blows and destroys my quater-panel and rear bumper. I was so heated I sold the car to later see the body work fixed and I decided to re purchased it ($900). For what ever reason I ended up selling the car for $2300 and thats when I started having fun…

My Third DA9…where to begin…lol. It was a 91 LS At this point I was just trying to build a faster car not too concerned with looks at first. I picked this up for $950 with a B18A1 in it with the rare A1 cable transmission. Has a b16 Final Drive stock from factory. It was ugly when i first got it with a faded black hood and an unpainted 93 front bumper, but it came with full mint gsr leathers. First thing I did was buy a Wings west lip and get a fresh black hood from a good friend. Painted my steelies silver, bought some tuner lugnuts and thought I was so clean …LMAO that was phase 1.

This LS ran sooo strong ill probly never understand why, but ill never forget walking the aztec green db2 gsr @ the USF meet then getting pulled over for street racing. I beat the charge and didnt get arrested that night so that turned out well. My LS started smoking really bad so I decided id switch it up with a 1997 JDM P3F B20b (low compression) from JDMTECH in Orlando!! Great place to buy motors!! I spent $500 flat and went home and began the process… nd bought some polished HX rims first. I became obsessed with original DA parts so i sold the leathers and upgraded to full DB2 interior for $70 I also purchased pswdjdm rear tow hook, lugnuts, fender and vc washers to match the interior… phase2

Phase 3 id say is when i finally got my basemap for my ECU on Crome. I got rid of my lip and the polished HX’s. I got 14" BBS bottlecaps Bilsten struts on adjustable sleeves and I started doing damage to the Vtec world lol. Stock b16s couldnt hang, and gsrs were always fun to run as well. I went digging in the trunk and found honda emblems!! I also got a polished Hyper medallion muffler and full exhaust. This car was quick af id pull on new RS camaros all day thru 4th gear…but still not qucik enough…

Right as I got here my license was to be suspended so I found a trade for a 98 RS Integra had wheels suspention ac you name it it was done around a stock motor…In turn I sold it for 4k and set out to find a DA better than the rest…

DA9 #4 was my most original & mint one to this day. Owned by an old woman who sold it for $700 due to a blown headgasket…it was a 3 hour trip each way and i payed to have it towed…so lets call it $1000. This thing had OEM 3m tint and wasnt missing 1 screw bolt bracket or anything. It looked like a mechanic never even touched the car for anything other than an oil change. Next day I went back to JDMTECH in Orlando and bought a 1997 JDM P8r B20b for $600. A little more bang for my buck. I now had oversized 33mm intake valves if any of you are familir with this model B20…Its the rarest and most sought out. I had enough $$ to clear my license put this car together in 3 days and insure it for 6 months. I bought some Tein S tech springs from G2IC user DA92NV. Got some DR20s wrapped in Nitto NT450’s a DC 4-1 header, AEM fuel rail and XS power intake manifold…

I wanted my car to be the cleanest and fastest DA9 in Tampa, Id say I achieved cleanest…I never got to convert to OBD1 and chip or tune this B20 which is the one I always wanted. I never even raced on the Nittos while they were on this car. Instead i ran into legal issues and was once again forced to sell another Integra. But not before I added JDM sidemarkers, painted the vc Hemi orange and added the spark plug cover that ive never seen on another non vtec motor. I had no time to wait and sold it for $2000 all I did was keep my rims…and that wire cover…lol

DA9 #5. I purchased my current Integra for $1100 on gsr blades which i sold right away for $170. It already had a 1997 JDM B20 in it…another P3F w/ gsr cable transmission, and its a 93’ RS so its lighter and already OBD1. It is not a car I would normally get into it was pretty rough (cracked windshield, no carpet, no ac or ps and had even been crashed in the past). But I did buy it and got it chipped on Crome w/ 2step and check engine shift light. I didnt plan to modify this at all but it is just in me to do it and i couldnt resist. Then I bought an RMF header, CAI, 70a Race hasport mounts, aluminum radiator, brand new axles, a new fender and headlight which it needed from the crash. I locked myself in the garage and now this is how my current daily sits after many marijuana inspired nights…O and I cant forget the 2001 LS cams that give my intake cam a better profile…everything counts lol, and this bitch pulls despite what some may think…once again sorry B16s but you gonna need some headwork to keep up…yet to run any gsrs.

Finally painted bumper and fender to match.

As of NOV 2nd 2012

Current pics of #5 uploaded

Cool! Thats a good story :slight_smile: Good luck with this new one

Ok, I am impressed… let’s see, @ the rate I am going this would take me how many years?? (chuckle).
Great story man!

Thank you sir.

And the story continues…

Chapter 6:

So one day about a week ago i was driving the White car home from tampa when a little gem caught my eye. A 1991 Ls model DA9 in a dealership. I had a gut feeling that it would be cheap because how much could you really ask for a car that not too many people are interested in owning… Well come to find out it was running with stock A1 still inside, blown clutch and a body in way better condition then the white one has 100% unmodified. Asking price $450 firm… well needless to say i made a move sold my Dr20s and hasport mounts for $670 and this is how im spending my xmas in tampa…

Swapping my jdm b20 from car to car hopefully ill have it running by tommorow but its always a mission without power tools… The LS is almost out, just got a hoist so that should speed up the process a little bit. so soon everything from white car will be in the red car including the new NRG strut bars I have yet to post pictures of.

Finally running with the setup from DA#5 b.k.a Carrie.

Damn B20s… :stuck_out_tongue:

Torque monster for sure huh? Cool progression to where you are at now. Good stuff man!

Ya i love the B20 motors. The response u get is way better than an LS and for the price cant be beat

i live about 1 hour from JDM Tech. Theres nothing like stepping into a warehouse and getting to pick the motor you will be devoting yourself to. For $500-$600 depending on trim of b20 …I love it.

Painted my valve cover and NRG strut bar Ford blue yesterday

So its been a little over 2 weeks that Hailey has been running on the streets of tampa and she has finally gotten something that helps her stand apart from all the other da9’s in the area.

JDM XSI one-pieces
(shot this pic before I re-installed bumper lights and properly secured bumper…I was like a little kid on Christmas.

I posted the car for sale but after finding these two items, I took it as a sign to keep her and see what else comes my way.

Long time since last updated but the car that i bought for $450 combined with the swap from the one before that costed me roughly $900…turned a sale of $2800 and i kept my jdm one piece lights and welcomed DA9 #7 Sydney. dont ask how i come up with the names…most times i leave that to someone else.

Had stock lights when i bought her but she sat on the gold dr20s until i traded them for original gsrs plus $350

I also purchased blox rear control arms and beaks lower tie bar

Has skunk 2 springs on kyb gr2’s, fresh paint, and a b18b1 with A1 cable transmission. Megan header to 2 1/4 straight piping…and I have everything to convert her to lsv…pics to come when it happens finally.

has a nice drop, how d the skunk2’s ride?
god luck on the lsv conversion

till this day i still regret selling my db2 :bawl:, goodluck on the lsv

Thanks. The skunk2 springs ride good. In the past ive had Tien springs and i think they are equally stiff and provide equal drop. (Look at pics of my fourth da for comparison) Hopefully I will be LS-v by april 13th for the V2lab meet in orlando.