The story of my 1991 LS Special

My name is Mike from Long Island NY, I have been a Gen2 enthusiast for around 10 years. Back in 2010-2012 i had a 1992 GS black/tan and it was my all time favorite car. Times changed and unfortunately had to sell the car. Fast forward to 2019 my hunt for another gen 2 was on. I was looking high and low trying to find something close to my original car on Facebook,Craigslist,etc. In late 2022 I found a car on Facebook marketplace (1990 GS auto) that was listed months before very local to me so i figured i would just message the guy and see if i got lucky, I eventually got a response and even though this car was not the “one” for me the price was right and i could not pass up saving a second gen. The car had been sitting for around 4 years but it started right up with a jump and came with some extra parts. So i towed it home and cleaned it up and stashed it in my garage for a future project. Fast forward again to early 2023 I came across a promising car in North Carolina on a Facebook group (1991 LS Special manual black/black/tan LS Special interior) and worked out payment and shipping with the previous owner. My car arrived safe and sound in long island and that started the project I’m currently in the middle of. Slowly adding tasteful modifications and going to fully restore the body and paint of the car. The car did come with some tasteful modifications to begin with like strut braces, coilovers and some other misc. suspension parts. Below are some photos of the car from the orignal listing on facebook and a few from when i got it and washed it also one of the 1990. Glad to see this forum is here and any criticism is welcome LOL.(new member so i cannot post all the photos here)


Awesome! And I’m super jealous of your garage!

Ill be watching… Need to get my 93 GS Black w/tan into the garage and start tinkering.

Hey man, love the car. I have a 91 integra gs auto, I’m in queens ny. Like going on drives out to jones beach. Would like to cruise some day :saluting_face: