the subtle track car project.

Ah, okay. Thank you for the information! I do do a lot of street driving, and will definitely keep the rates in mind when looking into a new setup.

Well finally got and LSD. Got a quaife helical for a good price.

run a 245/4015 or 225/4515 it will be better then 2055015

I’m sticking to 205 50 15 for now best tire selections and price. in the future i’d like to run a 225 45 15 up front on a 15x8 and 205 50 15 in the rear on a 15x7.

Changed out my upper and lower control arms this past 2 weeks. Also got the quaife into the trans and picked up a new steering wheel to replace the nardi.


Finally got a Autopower bolt in roll bar. I painted it Rustolem smoke gray. I can’t upload images because they are too large.

It’s been a while lol. I decided to repaint the car myself

Primer and finshed product[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“thumb”,“data-attachmentid”:1119044}[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“thumb”,“data-attachmentid”:1119045}[/ATTACH]

On the driver side i had to strip it own to metal, cut out some rust from the under the rear glass then weld in new metal and do a bit of of body work.

Dang man, making some progress.