the subtle track car project.

I guess this is a good place to share the progress in my integra. I bought the car in orlando 2 years ago for dirt cheap and drove it back to michigan. It was missing pretty much the entire interior and had a skunk2 mega power exhaust, blown struts with upside down skunk2 springs lol. But the b20 was very healthy.

The car now looks very stock with no wing, roll bar or front diffusor yet, but they are on the way.

I do autoX, HPDE and time attack with this car out in the midwest.

I’ve went through a few coilover systems:

F&F: not good blew with in months and my car is not slammed. Also the travel is not great.

P.I.C coilovers 10k F 6k R: these were great but after many years of abuse the rear left blew and I figured its a good time to try something new.

Now I have Koni yellows GC F:550lb R:450 with gc extended top hats

-ASR 24mm rear sway bar and brace (makes the rear end a little tail happy)
skunk2 front & rear camber kit. The rear bushings are shot so they need to be replaced. I’ll probably go with SPC aka doorman since they are fairly strong and cheap.

-Function7 rear lower control arms
-innovative front traction bar that still needs to be installed.
-no name rear strut bar
-hard race rear camber kit
-hard race rear trailing arm bushings

-Front: 205/50/15 Dunlop Z2 star specs
-Rear: 195/50/15 Dunlop Z2 star specs

-Enkei j-speeds 3 15x7 +38mm
-ARP extended studs

-hawk HP+
-centric cryo rotors
-ATE yellow fluid

-jdm B18c1
-ctr pully
-science of speed LMAs
-supertech flat face race valves
-Itr valvesprings
-CTR Cams
-toda cam gears
-RC310cc injectors
-Skunk2 intake manifold and 70mm throttle body port matched
-hondata thermal gaskets
-blox v stack and filter
-toda rep header
-moroso oil pan

-vibrant ultra-quiet resonator at the testpipe, skunk2 mid pipe paired OG vibrant axle back (sound like a motor bike lol )

92-93 gsr ys1
competition stage 2 clutch and lighten flywheel
innovative shift linkage
Fastline shifter

Engine management:
Hondata s300v3

-plx wideband with joe’s dash gauge pod
-tanabe oil pressure gauge.

Right now I’m assembling the head. The machine shop did a great job cleaning head
Auto machine for those in the chicago area.

I’ll post pics as I go along assembling and pulling out the p30 piston gsr block.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: 10501759_10203507550503056_4751059932479447240_n.jpg Views: 1 Size: 108.3 KB ID: 1112714”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“1112714”,“data-size”:“custom”}[/ATTACH]
[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: 10448665_10152603071857122_5308845717638070856_o.jpg Views: 1 Size: 228.3 KB ID: 1112715”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“1112715”,“data-size”:“custom”}[/ATTACH]

Lookin good!

Awesome! Keep us posted

I like it! Thanks for sharing your experience with coilovers as well

mint! very clean

pulled the cams and found that the exhaust skunk2 stage 1 cam ate the rockers. So I pulled the head to do some searching. I found 2 broken valve guides and some head damage -_-

awesome. i’m from Michigan too man. it would be awesome to have a meet one of these days out here when my car gets done

Nice ride man! I love how clean and simple the exterior is, nicely done. For the build, I can relate to the direction that you’re going with the build. I also tried a few different setups before I was impressed and settled on the koni/GC setup. Keep us posted on progress.

I live in the chicago burbs now. But i’m always at ginferman race way in south haven

out with this trash.
fF type 1s were in for maybe 9 months and hit the track maybe 3 times and died on me.

some suspension upgrades.

innovative traction bar. The only traction bar that actually does not buckle under track conditions.

HEAD Work. Got the new head cleaned and had the valve seats cut.

Speed of Science LMAS

Got the head on the block

70mm blox tb and port matched with skunk2 mani


Moroso pan : ). So no oil starvation on track like I did a few yrs ago lol


Got the motor in and had to do some wiring for the oil pressure gauge.
I also put rtv in the moroso pan oil plug threads so they won’t leak.

Out with the old beat up skunk2 rear camber arms. Replaced with hard race camber arms.


Also replaced the torn up rear trailing arm bushings with hard race bushings. One busing was actually broken all the way and just dangling.



ooooooooo i like the new plates

Dyno time.
Car was tuned by mikey at mikeyspec tuning in chicago. He also tunes for xenocron in NY and flys out to other spots.

Got me at 193whp so I’m pretty happy with it. Espically since its pretty much all oem except for the bolt ons and valves.

Going to swap in a EF manual rack and maybe go K series over winter -_-

Thanks for the posting, interesting to read through. How do you like the Konis compared to PIC parts? I’m running on a worn out set of Skunk 2s and bounce around. Need to rebuild the motor first, but still good to know lol.

I am also interested in how the K series works out for you. I plan to stay B series, but one cannot deny the perks of the K series…

Good luck on all!

the PIC coilovers were very comfy on the street and ok on track with the spring rates I had. The Koni and gc combo is harsh on the street with 500+lb spring rates lol but amazing on track. The new rear trailing arm bushings are also helping with the rear end rotating better. The form and functions dont compare at all to the pic or koni gc.

They no longer make PIC for our cars. If they did I would say go with them if your doing mostly street driving. The gc koni setup you can order with custom spring rates so it can be smooth on the street. I choose higher rates because my car is mostly used on track. I drive maybe 500 miles a year with it.